Spartan Ops Episode 9 too Difficult now

Episode 9 is Just too hard now a days. I just want those skulls off for episode 9. 343, can you have someone shut the skulls off for episode 9, so I can get back to playing it without me shutting my Xbox off? And has anyone else wanted the skulls to be off, just out of curiosity?

Next week I think.

Are you positive that’s when the skulls are turned off?

Well today its episode 10 so next week, episode 9 and 10 should be off skulls. If not feel free to voice your discontent.

It’s not Discontent, more like a little nuisance. I play through for the storyline, not for the combat. though, the combat is sometimes good.

I believe the skulls are OFF for all episodes except the one that is currently featured for the week. When it changes to another batch of chapters/episode next time, then that will probably get the skulls while the others will be disabled.

Basically, playing from a Lobby with/without friends will have them off as long as it’s not the Episode featured in the “Find Game” menu.

The Skulls turn off on Monday.

As for wanting them off, well, I’ve been enjoying them (Mythic mostly). It’s spiced up Spartan Ops. I’ve been happy about them.

But, they’ve had their time.