Spartan Ops Episode 6: 10/10, PHENOMENAL!

Well, where do I even begin? I just spent over an hour of playing through Spartan Ops Episode 6 on normal in order to soak everything in, and I had an immense amount of fun doing it!

First off: The storyline. The writing for this episode was absolutely top-notch! Everything from characters giving you reasons as to why you’re doing what you’re doing, and using awesome dialogue to explain it to you. There were many dynamic storytelling themes and events that occured, and it was very geniunely entertaining to watch and play. The cutscenes were fantastic.

Secondly: The gameplay. These missions were a finger-jolting extravaganza! At no point in any chapter did I find myself bored, I always had something to do. The way the enemies were implemented by way of which enemies appeared at which time, which enemies they were, and how many there were… was perfect.

Last of all, it was just generally an outstanding episode, with all potential aspects nailed down to perfection. 343 Industries, you did exactly what was the original intention of Spartan Ops: you made it highly enjoyable, and highly replayable. I will definitely be re-running through it with friends for the rest of the week! :smiley:

What’d you guys think of the episode?

Thank you, 343 Industries. Continue maintaining Spartan Ops at this high level of achievement.

Hmm… What happened to Fireteam Switchback?!


I was completely stunned!

Episode 6 really made a breakthru. I enjoyed doing these missions HELLOVALOT more then i did the previous episodes.

It’s a job well done!

> Switchback*

Acknowledged. Typo has been corrected.

I was impressed with how new and fresh the maps felt - it was like playing an entirely new campaign.

I also very much enjoyed the start of the first chapter.

This is the right track for Spartan Ops.

Keep it up this way and I’ll keep playing them for more then just the initial playthrough. I actually liked the maps and objectives in it.

Spartan Ops Episode 6 is exactly what Spartan Ops should be. I hope the trend continues.

A step in the right direction, but not perfect. 8/10

episodes 1-5 4.5/10

Spartan ops is free so I won’t complain.

I agree. Thoroughly enjoyed the latest episode. Thankfully no irritating mentions of ‘eggheads’ and ‘hingeheads’ throughout the gameplay! :slight_smile:


Meh. It was ok. I certainly wouldn’t pay for it though

Apparently I’m somewhat alone in liking it, but not loving it. I liked that it kept you moving to objectives rather than just staying in place and getting inundated by waves. I haven’t replayed any missions yet, but my first three chapters were absolutely terrible with lag, so my impressions may be dulled by that separate annoyance, but I don’t think so. I’ll be giving it a second chance tomorrow to see if better connections allow me to see it with fresh eyes.

As a whole, it was easily the most consistent episode, but there was no real classic chapter for me. (i.e. The Didact’s Gift, Shootout in Valhalla, Spartan Thorne) Some had moments within them were very awesome though. Dealing with sword-bearing Elites and Prometheans at the same time elicited jaw-dropping surprise until it became pants-crapping terror. My favorite episodes thus far have been vehicle-centric though, but there were none of those so I look forward to seeing how this new dynamic energy is applied in a Landgrab-like mission.

On a side note: did anyone else not like that it was Legendary difficulty in matchmaking? When they were going back through the first half of the season a second time in the playlist on Legendary, I was fine doing them again with more of a challenge, but I’m not too big on my first experience with it being quite that difficult. (Again, that could be some of my lag annoyance creeping in.)

exept the end, it was a realy good part and i liked it to play.
but as well i miss a vehicle part or a a mission where i fly something, not a stupid banshee that has no place to fly and is finished after a few shoots.

> Hmm… What happened to Fireteam Switchback?!

I know this may be too bland of an answer but didnt they just incinerate? There were prometheans there am I wrong? Because the way they talked it was as if they had no idea that some promethean weaponry may cause incineration.
I hate it when something so obvious is ignored and left to make the player look stupid as they scream at their Xbox with the answer.

Aside from that enjoyed the episode - 7.5/10
The good things as I guess must be obvious. But there are some things that killed it for me and unfortunately I feel obliged to list them:

  • That first thing I said - ‘What happened to Fireteam Switchback?’- It’s supposed to be a co-op experience right? Then why does 3/5 of my matches lag and make the levels near unplayable?- The inconsistency in the cutscene when Thorne kills an elite with only ONE shot?- Why would Gek mourn over the deaths of the elites whom he was responsible for killing? Did he not see them chase after Glassman?

> The inconsistency in the cutscene when Thorne kills an elite with only ONE shot?

and with the storm rifle. O_o
actually, all through-out the campaign you run into covenant who make the storm rifle look badass by firing it as if it were a precision rifle, then you pick it up and try to use it and it’s like “the hell is this junk?”

meh. i dunno.

awesome episode, though. 2 people quit during my first run through chapter two, so it was just me and this other dude fighting wave after wave of tons of elites, phantoms full of covenant and a few hunters and banshees… on legendary. we died about 60 times between the 2 of us, but at least we stuck it out haha. i suspect the chapter’s probably more fun with 4 people.

Liked it a lot more than a previous episodes. The first mission feels like a prison break-out. The second is a good infiltration mission (even though you spam rockets at the end). Third was awesome, with banshees and grav hammers and the map just had a nice feel to it. Fourth was alright, gave you enough to fight with, yet I wonder what the covies are doing with the nukes. The last didn’t appeal to me, maybe it was just the map, the harvester/scarab or the lack of information with the mission.

Overall, it was really enjoyable. 8.5/10

Been brilliant so far, just finished chapter 3. Playing it on easy just for the story but will go back and re-do on harder difficulty levels definitely and will be doing co-op at the weekend :slight_smile:

Superb restart

I must admit that I wasn’t expecting something so amazing. Episode 6 has absolutely nothing to do with previous ones.

I liked it, wish the first st of Spartan ops missions wasn’t so lame. This really should have been how they did things from the get-go.

I would rate it 3/10.

Worst episode so far.

> I would rate it 3/10.
> Worst episode so far.