Spartan ops, episode 3

“First we taught how to be silent. then we taught them how to be Spartans.”

That line, amazing.

im glad to see Halsey got her bark and bite back a little bit. and Palmers face? priceless. This is how she should have been represented in the lastest books, or at least more like this.

Halsley just owned DeMarco …I laughed so hard…
and yeah they referenced Master Chief too :slight_smile:
the ending wasn’t quite that awesome though…

I love it…as in “your soldiers are only shadows of a real Spartan”

And apparently the Spartan IV seem to revere the Chief…as they should

  • she created the original Spartans, you know, the Master Chief?

-No way

me too, it was great. the ending, its, well like most episodes in any series, its a cliffhanger. we’ll see how it goes.

Spartan Ops has not disappointed so far. Great job 343i. Keep it coming!

It’s getting better.

Halsey always had her bark AND bite, even in the books. I’m am wondering why she was arrested in the first place. She pretty much became the mother of the UNSC and ONI. The episodes are beautiful and I want them to never stop. Keep up the good work, 343.

This last episode really helped drive out the blues I was feeling about SO from the last two weeks. Each mission was fun this time out, though at first I was this map again, then my old friend the Scorpion was waiting for me and all was well.