Spartan Ops episode 10 easter egg located

On Seize The Power, after opening the large gate and entering the huge basin with the three generators. To the right along the edge there is a downed pelican, next to the ramp leading up to the main structure. The box for the easter egg is right underneath it.

i can never find, thanks

too me the episode 10 easter egg seemed a bit out in the open and easier to find…

considering i died and spawned right in front of the dam thing XD lmao

but even still it seemed a little out in the open compared to the others

I didn’t really notice anything happening/any different dialogue though. If anyone actually spotted what it did, please inform me.

Nevermind, the dialogue popped when playing SOps matchmaking.

Just played through the chapter and shot the box. Nothing happened after the music played.

Yeah, i’ve been contacted by people having issues too. What you need to do in order to trigger it is go down to the crashed pelican to the left of where the Lich stops. There are som jetpacks on the ground. Picking one up, or just standing over it, not 100% sure, will trigger the dialogue.

Do you really care were there located

> Do you really care were there located

I honestly do not understand the logic of this comment.