Spartan Ops/DLC on disc, double standard?

Okay, I will admit, I was so annoyed at the fact that the ON DISC SPARTAN OPS required you to pay for XBL gold. Okay, sure, say what you will about “Ermahgerd theres going to be more SO in the future from XBL!”

Hmm…yeah…uh, right okay then, does that then make it okay that the on disc stuff is actually locked until you are signed into a gold XBL account? Does it really? Also I DO believe that the cost of it was already factored into the purchase of the actual game. Thanks guys! I bought something that I COULD NOT USE.

Now, I do not doubt for a second that people will quite literally LEAP to the defense of Halo 4, cool. I’ll just leave the sheep to their bleating, but what makes it okay, that the first season of SO is locked away on my disc? I seem to remember a certain game…hmm…Anyone remember the on disc Bioshock 2 DLC? That caused a fair amount of out-rage, whats the -Yoink!- difference here?

Honestly, I would not mind if the “DLC” had not been on the disc, but it is, I payed for this disc, why don’t I get what I payed for when I bought the disc because I don’t have XBL?

And no, why should I pay for XBL, when EVERY other single platform offers online for free.