Spartan Ops custom games options request

I love the episodic story component and implementation that is being done in Spartan Ops. But as it stands, it is in no way comparable to Firefight from ODST or Reach, it is just a second campaign released in episodic format. And even in that sense it’s a “campaign lite” because of how the respawns work with no penalty.

I know there have been other threads on the subject, but I have to post this - 343, for the love of BLAM, please put back in all the Firefight options and components you took out when you made Spartan Ops. Force us to play with all the options off if you want to “tell the story”, but once a player has finished an episode, please give them back everything that was in Reach and ODST and you tore out:

random waves
limited life pool
bonus rounds

As it is, I play an episode a couple times, and I’m done. I still put my ODST and Reach discs back in and play those occasionally - but I don’t go back to old Spartan Ops chapters. Christmas break should have been filled with my playing non-stop randomized Spartan Ops games (as previous holidays following ODST and Reach were), but instead we got no new Spartan Ops content and no way to customize/randomize the current set, and so I moved on or back to other games.

It really, really makes me sad at the replay potential that’s there in Spartan Ops - not just potential, but actual features that were ALREADY THERE, and got taken out. Why? Removal of those features added nothing and ruined replay value. Completely incomprehensible.