Spartan Ops bridges the gap?

So Spartan Ops bridges between the stories of Halo 4 and Halo 5? This is what I’ve heard, is it true?

It’s what they’re intending, yes.

It’ll be awesome if they have direct tie-in missions prior to Halo 5’s release for plot development.

In a way.

Look at it as the way ODST bridged the gap between H2 and H3.
They’ll probably don’t go THAT deep into the story. Nor does it seem likely it will tie in too much with the main story as far as Chief and Cortana is concerned.

Best way to expect it I guess is to see it as one of the books, like First Strike. Gradually leading up to the next big chapter, with some lesser skirmishes on the read towards Halo 5.

all well and good but the loss of firefight will really hurt this game playing the spartan ops missions multiple times will get old and how much hard drive will it need