Spartan Ops AWESOME?

The addition of Spartan Ops is kick -Yoink-, but hopefully 343 doesn’t fall on there faces like MW2 with Spec Ops. What I’m trying to get at is that MW2’s Spec ops was pretty sweet, but the downfall was the limited playability,i.e. limited boundaries, short levels, and everything shoved down your throat. My concern is that they don’t solely focus on one mode at a time.I.E- Multi-player, then Campaign, back to Multi-player, more tweaks to multiplayer, more tweaks to campaign, and lastly spartan ops or any other modes. Each mode should in theory get equal time and effort put into it, to produce a polish gem of a game. You can’t honestly say your proud of everything your game is, if you only focused on game play and the story sucked, and glitches rule the day. Or re-purpose levels, like MW3, hello I played this level why would I want to play it again. There still is a dividing factor that everybody has a personal line that makes a game awesome to this is a crap sandwich covered in flies inside a overly beaten horse.

Spartan ops has an actual story to it, so it’s already better than spec ops.

also 14,00 people on the halo 4 forum :smiley:

Spartan Ops already looks ten times better than mw’s spec ops and don’t worry I’m sure 343i is going to make sure that it stays that way

First off, awesome name bionic1emaster, second yes, spartan ops looks beast. Super epic, can’t wait to see the preview. I love story time :slight_smile:

Spartan Ops is s dedicated mode with it’s own story and maps. It’s not a bunch of rehashed encounters and maps like MW2 and 3’s Spec-Ops modes.