Spartan Ops AI Problem/Glitch (Tiny Enemies)

I’ve heard some people have run into this. Not sure how widely known it is. This isn’t a big issues if it’s on low difficulty. However I’d really rather not run into this on Legendary lol. Wonder if 343i knows.

Here’s about 4 minutes of me fighting these little enemies. Around 1:39 you can see what the body looks like (a bit like how some dead bodies in Halo 3 would glitch into stretchy things).

Yeah, that happened to me as well. At first I thought the Phantom dropped off Fuel Rods, so I ran over to pick one up, and then it ran away down stream and shot me. ;_;

The same thing happened to me. But how do you watch the video in theater? I want to record it but I cant find the vid.

That is no glitch, that is genius.
If only that was a skull effect…

Lol it happened to me and they looked like tiny spiders =P


Theater only keeps track of War Games (Forge, Custom Games, Matchmaking). Unfortunately it doesn’t keep track of Spartan Ops or Campaign. I lost something really awesome in Campaign due to this. Perhaps not many people used Theater in the past for that type of stuff. Makes sense they’d remove it (although massively inconvenient for the few that use it).

Happened to me and a group of pals when we were on legendary difficulty. Lot of floating beam and concussion rifles.

happend to my 1st match in there XDDDD
I thought there all invisible
till i saw there/it has shields glowing lol…

When they died i saw something like a structure, a mannequin loike being o_O