Spartan Ops - A link?

So while I was reading the Waypoint Bulletin, where they made reference to the Complex map and how there was a Forerunner object inside a building they were analyzing, I saw something I would like to share.


The word ‘Monolith’ is used, to describe the Forerunner Object, which, in both art and text, is shown to be surprisingly similar to the Composer, which we see in campaign.

But where else have we heard that before?

The Spartan Ops mission Gagarin. You may ask, ‘Wait’! You must be deaf! That was never said in that mission!’
Well, it was. It happens when you find the RvB easter egg, replacing the sounds of the scientists with Simmons, Grif, Church and Caboose.

Simmons and Grif mention a Monolith, possibly hidden somewhere in that playstage, at least in the story.

What do you think? A far stretch, I know, but Spartan Ops season 1 might be centered around an artifact similar to the Composer.

As a side note, Jul M’Dama and his servant references the Didact as if he were still alive. 6 months and the Covenant still work so hard, and make references to the Didact?

Obviously he’s still alive.