Spartan Operations

The Spartans are looking for active members who want a structured unit based on friendship and competition. We offer an open door and will allow anyone with the emblem to join, however for those seeking a thrill we offer a more mature and elite outfit at the core of our operational might. No stone unturned gentleman, we will fight hard and we will most certainly enjoy every second of it!

United Nations Space Command

Command Staff: Spartan Rayse, Spartan 104 CI and Spartan 104 CI
Spartan IV Program Administrator: Spartan Rayse
Spartan IV Recruiting Officer: Spartan Koyr

Requirements to Join:

  • Spartan IV Emblem

Special Programs:

  • Trooper Training
  • Special Purpose Teams
  • Competitive Teams

Message Spartan Rayse or Spartan Koyr to start your initiation today!