Spartan Op/Firefight in halo 5

Hey, another question came to mind about Halo 5. Would you guys want Spartan Ops back or just take back Firefight?Of course I don’t mean that Spartan Ops should be like it was in Halo 4, but I think designing Spartan Ops like “raids” for an MMO would be a better solution. In which case I’ll present a scenario.Spartan Ops would still be five chapters per episode, but each chapter features different objectives on uniquely constructed maps for Ops, instead of recycled multiplayer. For each chapter we get different objectives… perhaps infiltration, assault, rescue, defense and vehicle based. Now say you have a story for each episode, and at the end of each you get to fight this massive boss… which could be a Scarab or even that War Machine from the Halo 5 Teaser Trailer. Though there could also a boss battle that could be in the form of Tartarus from Halo 2’s ending.A game I could compare this to, in concept, would be Outrise. doesn’t have much development and has gone dark for months but the concept of teaming up with friends to fight this giant thing is a good idea. Imagine getting into a huge battle with your team, and perhaps 3 other fireteams, to conquer this humongous enemy AI. I bet 343 could create some great rewards for accomplishing such a feat.Let me know what you guys think. See you around Spartans.

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I don’t see why we can’t have both. This is the first halo for the Xbox One and the fact that it is so light on content compared to some past halos is kind of a let down. I would have thought they would have went all out with this being the first Halo for the new gen.

I would love spartan ops back, AND I would love firefight back. And your spartan op idea sounds great to me.