Spartan movement LOOKS stiff, inorganic and robotic

Why do Spartans move like inorganic, androids when you watch other players? There’s no sense that a human is in that suit. If you play the older games, MasterChief and subsequently the MP Spartans have such character and human reactions projected through their movement. The way they move, crouch, jump, strafe. There’s always a very organic nature to chiefs move set in the older games. He always looks like a person making very natural decisions, followed by natural movements. Whereas in infinite, it looks like the Spartans are animatronic in their movements. They’re very A to B in a sense. It looks like they’re on rails or something.

I’m trying to find a way to vocalize this, but it’s just one of those things you have to just look at other people’s player models to tell. Contrast it with something like Halo 3 or reach and you’ll see what I’m saying.


I haven’t noticed any issues with their movements.


The animation routines are literally the same. Run cycle, sprint cycle, crouch walk, blah blah. Not sure what you’re asking for or how you think it’s different from past Halos.

The animation is relatively stiff compared to other games, but I find that makes control response crispier than say Battlefield which is got sluggish to compensate for the extra ‘realistic’ animation transitions.

This is Halo.

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I’m not saying there’s an “Issue” with the movement. I’m saying the actual movement animations looks very robotic compared to the older titles. There also seems to be no lag behind in the movement. Players can strafe on a dime without skipping a beat, whereas in say Halo 3, there’s a moments hesitation in the actual movement. But the robotic nature of the movement makes the Spartans appear to be less human than previous iterations.

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They’re certainty NOT literally the same. I’m not sure why you came in with such pompous. I’m merely commenting on the Spartan animations and how robotic they appear to be. The Spartans have no natural human grace to them. When they move, strafe or crouch it appears to be instant and without effort. Whereas if you look at say the Halo 3 strafe animation chief has to catch himself at the end of a strafe and always slightly ducks his head, arms and legs readjust in a more natural way as to catch up with the change in movement. Infinite Spartans appear to have no human response. Again, they appear to be less organic and more robotic. This isn’t really controversial, I just notice this when I play and think it would look a lot better if the Spartans had a bit more character to their movements like in previous games. There’s a certain weight to the old animations that isn’t present here. That’s all.

I think you’re over emphasizing what we were looking at in past Halos.

No, they move and react differently. This isn’t a debate. You can go and play those games and see the difference.

Somewhat off topic, but I just realised that you can’t see your legs in Halo Infinite. (⊙o⊙)


I made a post about that too. Sometimes you can see them and sometimes you can’t. I’m not sure what the issue is with that.

Legs are overrated, just float like the Engineers :stuck_out_tongue:

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Reject gravity - become buoyant


Yeah, that’s something I noticed too, maybe it’s because the bots, so they can have less variables to program, a more articulate character will be harder, but I’m not sure haha

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The Skewer and Sentinel Beam ready up animation also looks terrible, like it’s 30 fps or something.

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Yeah, like it’s skipping steps in the animation. I noticed this as well. It feels like in Halo 5 when a player is at a distance and sprinting, you can see the animation isn’t fully finished and it appears like a flip book animation. The character is moving, but there’s something less than organic about the motion.

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Yes the players animations are set to 30 fps or lower at a greater distance to increase performance in Halo 5. It looks hilarious. The reload from the Skewer also looks borked.

Legs are unlocked at tier 65. If you want shoes you’re gonna have to complete 20 random challenges then the ultimate weekly challenge of getting 5 kill streaks with a pistol whilst reciting poetry on an open mic in CTF mode. If you want your shoes to be blue then you’ll also have to pay 343,117 Halo bux.


It’s a glitch with the FOV. You are currently only able to see your legs if you have the default (78) FOV. Any higher or lower and you can’t. Also, the legs look really weird with the default FOV, if you look down it looks like your legs are separate from your torso. They also lag a bit when you walk around.

This could be a symptom of the “quality” and “performance” options in xbox, or quality options on pc. I noticed when maxing out visuals, animations became smoother and nicer. Playing on performance or low makes animations run at 15fps like grunts in haloCE when CE was ported and made 60fps, animations still ran low. It looks like that