Spartan Model View Screen

Hi there,

So today I wanted to post a story on my Instagram about my Halo Infinite armor. It would be nice to have an armor view section. where a player can view the current armor and n rotate it around 360 like in resident evil remake games or Batman Arkham games. where IF the payer wants to view the stats like k/d, wins losses, medals, the whole nine yards. The stats will show along with the spartan model OR just the view of the spartan model on the whole screen. or even better, make a widget out of it where the player can fully customize to see what the player wants to see about their Spartan, and maybe something for the AI as well. Aight I thought I share it. peace


p.s and the player should also be given the option to choose the soooooound trackkkkkkkkk. I have never heard such a great, awesome, energy-pumping game soundtrack, it’s so epic I listen to it on my runs.
Now imagine with me, your best armor in view and you can rotate it around with your earned medals, with your earned stance, every piece of armor that you have earned on your spartan, on display with petty officer soundtrack playing in the background…

Even though this would be nice to have, right now it would be a waste of time and resources.

Unnecessary feature’s added is not what should be taking place. 343 hasn’t even added any content to the game since Dec 8th, and they have shown they are struggling just to fix the issues they have to deal with and it’s only a beta.

I’d be fine with it even being in the Halo Waypoint website, a simple slide of your stats and your spartan in their Stance.