Spartan Logs are not registered found after finding them all

For my spartan logs, each section is missing the last spartan log. I have picked up every single log including the mission logs yet they are not being considered found. I have noticed when getting the 4th log of evacuation, it didn’t register, so i continued to look for those logs and somehow even though i followed the order the last one isnt considered found. Odd glitch, but does any one know a work around?

Have you tried looking up the locations of every log and visiting them (all of them) to make sure you got each one? As the log’s numbers are tracked by order of retrieval, not a set or “chronological” order. Tedious to run around and visit every place, but this happened to me my first run and I thought it was a bug. If this doesn’t help it may just be though. You should report it

If you re-enter Halo Infinite on Quick Resume, it will not properly re-connect you to servers so your progress in campaign collectibles and even the multiplayer challenges will not register properly.