Spartan Log: Retaliation 06 UNCOLLECTIBLE - BUG?

I have every collectable up to Pelican Down and now I am missing one, Retaliation 06. I am on top of it and nothing.

I have spent HOURS on legendary collecting these things. I’ve restarted from the beginning of the mission and ended the game. It’s not in my inventory and I am on top of it.

Is there anything I can do?

This may not be of any help, but have a look at this post:

It’s in the mountain. You should explore the mountain from the middle height on down. Use a flying vehicle and spam the down on d pad ( on works using down on d pad in wasp not a banshee ) this must be the one I was trying to figure out. There’s also videos out there (maybe the link mentioned above. I haven’t checked) Let’s show how to grab the audio logs and they have segments in the video and if you skip to the end of each segment it will show you where the persons located at the map for the more precise location if you want to be quicker at going through the videos.
I have everything and If my memory serves well enough there should be a spartan core near this specific one. (Could be wrong )

Let me know