Spartan Locke vs Master Chief

Whos the Better spartan.

What are you seriously expecting out of this poll…?

The Master Chief outclasses Agent Locke in every way, except maybe armor.

But aren’t there enough Locke vs Chief threads already?

Voted Locke simply because I’m tired of seeing these types of threads. Please stop

Why was this made, the answer is so obvious.

Spartan Locke, he will crush all the hopes and dreams of Master Chief supporters when he brings him down in Halo 5.

I loved the introduction of Spartan Locke and Fireteam Osiris in the campaign. I believe Locke will provide a strong and emotional character with whom the player can identify with. That said, the only way Halo 5 will play out, according to my fantasy anyway, is where the Chief shoots Locke’s brains out with his pistol.

If you put both of them in an empty room, weaponless and wearing nothing but their UNSC issued briefs, then I’m pretty sure the Chief would win a hundred times out of a hundred. Locke is a good soldier, probably a great soldier, but killing isn’t just a trade to the Chief, it’s literally part of him on a basic level, like breathing and walking. There’s very little Locke can do to combat that inherent disadvantage in motivation and instinct.

I’lle tell you when i fnish the campaign