Spartan Laser in H4?

Is there going to be a Spartan Laser in Halo 4? It has to be there so then all of us can PWNZOR U WID DA SPLAAZZZZZOOOOOORRRRRR!!! No but really do you think it should be there?

I’d say it’s likely that in Halo 4 that the laser will return

You know how pissed fans would get of it didn’t return?

Though the nerfed version of the laser shouldn’t return. Halo 3 or there’s the door MP designers.

Yes -------- better then the 1 in reach

Give it a Reach style aesthetic but with one extra shot like in the past Halos. 4 shots isn’t enough for it to be effective at what it does.

I agree. It has to be there but the Not the Reach version. One extra shot and a bit less recharge couldn’t hurt either. I am worried it hasn’t been announced yet.

5 Shot Laser! 4 Shot laser was crap

I can see it returning.

If it doesn’t get included though, they better replace it with a similar weapon, maybe of forerunner design.