spartan laser in action

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dont post leaked content real or fake as seen on the forum rules. not trying to be a -Yoink-.

but you might want to edit your post.

Already seen this but this is defiantly a leak and you should alter your post before you get suspended.

Holy -Yoink-! That Splaser fired quickly and dat Sniper…sounds more like a tank firing ;o In a good way.

Too bad this is considered a leak :frowning: You might want to edit this.

People get so pissy about leaks on this forum. Just leave it to the moderators to edit the thread; they can handle it.

Already been shared around this forum, and it is considered a leak, so you’ll have to edit your OP.

Although both weapons sound awesome, and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!


Anyway, that Laser sounds shmexy.

How is it a leak? Haven’t there been live demos at RTX and Comic Con with the Laser?

I think I messed my pants.

Ok, the sniper sounds like a tank which is just -Yoinking!- awesome!! The Spartan Laser sounds wicked. But how the hell is this a leak. Surely this is Longbow which was at RTX and SDCC?