Spartan Knights

Do you fight to the end and then more?
Do you find yourself needing team members who have your back?
Do you like to have fun and still play hard in clan matches?
You might be a Spartan Knight!

Spartan Knights were founded in 2007 when Halo 3 was released and has maintained alive. The main two founders are still up and kicking. CompleteShame (me) and N0 LiimiiTz26. We currently have 10 members and are looking for new members. If you think You are good enough and loyal, message me (CompleteShame) or my -Yoink!- secretary xXJestersCrowXx or AnorexicFatguy1. Please note that all members will be required to have a microphone and not be a complete jerk.

We are not a very competitive clan, but will accept any challenge. Just let us know a week before.

Go down with a…BANG!

-B08X CompleteShame Spartan Knight 10th Generation Leader