Spartan IV's don't fit cannon!

Think about it guys. The average cannon ball is about 6-7" in diameter and the bore of a cannon is built to fit the balls snugly. A grown human especially in all the spartan armor would never fit inside a cannon.



This is gonna get locked…


Where are your Gods at now?

I see what you did there…


> Lol.

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Do you konw what I think about this?
Here is my opinion…

What if the Cannon is really big

> Where are your Gods at now?

Hahaha! okay that was good.

Mac cannon

Nick Cannon is disappointed in your post.

I r disappoint. :confused:

lol funny thread is lol funny thread

> Mac cannon
> /thread

How are we supposed to fire a full-sized man out of a home computer?

i think you need to see a psychiatrist

I lol’d. I lol’d so very very hard.

Oh crap, I forgot the gunpowder

Actually, 26th century cannons might be bigger and would be more able to accommodate a full sized Spartan IV. Also, you’re forgetting the man cannon…