Spartan IV's and Elites in matchmaking

Just a simple idea, but I remember a 343 employee saying that Spartan IV’s would be bigger and stronger than ever, implying they would be taller. This got be to thinking, is this going to give a canon reason for Spartans and Elites to be the same height in matchmaking? I’m hoping to see Elites return as a race in matchmaking, and hopefully with this change they will be standing upright a la Reach.

Agreed I love playing as elites but the big difference in hitboxes makes it hard to not get your head blown off.

Well since there’s been a downgrade (in a way…) from Spartan-II’s to Spartan-IV’s. So the other playable species should do the same.

We now play as Jackals.

Chill! It’s a joke!

they should include a body size scale for armor custimoxation