Spartan IV CAKE

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Ok I apologize about this subject being a little “out there” but we all know the female Spartans had a backside that was far more “out there” and the game is rated M so if a kid sees this it’s on them… but can somebody explain to me why in halo 5, they had to give all the female Spartans so much Superhuman cake??? And if a monitor is about to ban me or something I apologize, but cmon bro I know u were lookin at more than just Linda’s sniper. I feel like it’s impossible not to notice, I know people were all over Kat in reach but this is a whole new level. They gave every female character a rear the size of a grunt, that has gotta be weighing them down. From what I’ve found in the past, the halo universe has an explanation for just about everything that happens, so i would like to know your opinions on if it’s an accident or if they put that there as a way for to get chief to think about something other than Cortana.