Spartan IV ArmoR DUrability

The spartan IV armor looks Kind of… Flimsy… It reminds me of the FROG Units armor from MGS4. It enhances an individual’s abilities but isn’t all that in terms of protection. Anyone else think the sar?

Edit: This is a longshot but maybe the GRD helmet that caused all that hype last summer may have been a sneak peek of one of the helmet designs for the Spartan IV

i think that it seems more thin, which should help in the spartan’s maneuverability

IMO, it doesn’t look flimsy at all

I just hope they change the visor/helmet

Seems better than what Chief is wearing.

Im pump and think it looks amazing …

Lets goooooo

> Seems better than what Chief is wearing.

I dont know I kind of like chiefs more.

Johns is still MK6, new look old armor, annoying I know, but Whatever, Halo has never had the best visual continuity, and if this is their way of starting, and putting their twist good on them, remember they are not bungie, and I dont want them to be, I want halo to be halo, and evolve.

as for the MV7

The MJOLNIR Mark VI is the third and final upgrade to the MJOLNIR system, the Mark VI once again introduces several technical improvements while refining advanced technologies introduced in the previous system. The first improvement made to the system is a faster recharge time on the suits’ energy shield system so that the SPARTAN-II super soldier does not have to remain in cover for an extended period of time. The second is improved synchronization between the suit and user, this allows the SPARTAN-II to jump higher, run faster, and hit harder than a Spartan could previously. In addition, this equipment made medical kits obsolete for the SPARTAN-II because of the integration of devices that administer medical care.
MJOLNIR Mark VII Powered Assault ArmorEdit

Main article: MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark VII

The MJOLNIR MK VII was an armor system mentioned by Dr. Halsey in her personal journal. It would appear to be the last planned phase of the MJOLNIR project. At the time the MJOLNIR project began, Halsey had planned on the MK VII suit featuring the following upgrades:

Next-gen fusion-plasma hybrid power system.
Atmospheric insertion systems.
Slipspace de-insertion capability.
Active AI transfer protocols.
Limited shaping of the energy shield (partial overlaps, airfoils etc.).

Atmospheric insertion would allow a Spartan to free-fall from space without a reentry vehicle such as the ODST’s SOEIV, but would most likely require a drag chute or parachute. Note that reentry in MJOLNIR armor has been done several times in Halo fiction but is most likely outside both the Mark V and Mark VI design specs and has proven fatal.

Though its features and aesthetic qualities aren’t mentioned in its single appearance, MJOLNIR Mark VII is worn by Naomi-010, a SPARTAN-II attatched to Kilo Five. It is mentioned as being lighter than Mark VI and is capable of upgrading itself passively when in standby. Naomi frequently removes and puts on the armor, though whether this is a requirement of its self-upgrading nature or a preference of SPARTAN-010 is unknown.