Spartan in multiplayer menu should have stance equipped

When you’re waiting for your game to load, I think it would be cool if your spartan is actually waiting in the stance that you’ve equipped, or if your spartan periodically shifts his position between various stances you’ve unlocked. I think this would be a fun little add to show off all the stances you’ve earned/unlocked.

(I’m talking about the loading screen where you have your spartan standing with their hands on their hips in front of the pelican)


I agree. But its par for the course that we don’t get the common sense option, sooooo yeah.


I disagree, the use of the stances would be far too static.

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I agree, maybe to solve thos they make it random with all your stances you have?

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i mean yeah this is wishful thinking. I just think it would be fun for player emersion/letting your spartan have more of a personality.

This is actually a great idea.

That’s basically what they did in Halo 4. Not really sure why they don’t just have the preview screen show all of the players in the lobby doing their poses.

Probably “Something something UI Limitations™ something”

Personally I agree, and wish we had a pre-game lobby that showed everyone posing, but I also wish 343 animated the poses, because the static ones are super lazy for a half billion dollar AAA Microsoft game. People pay money to stand perfectly still with no animation, while Bungie constantly pumps out new dances and animations every update for Destiny 2

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Perhaps maybe if 343 added a little idle animation to the stances it would work well.

I actually find the main menu stances and backdrop to be one of the better minor details of the game. Your Spartan looks like it’s part of the world, and gets better as you have more teammates waiting around for the action. I just wish that it didn’t cap out at 4 players.

Actually don’t the stances have a idle animation already? If you go to the menue where you equip it I swear they do.

Remember? 343 said it themselves that they -Yoink!- themselves out of major UI changes

This would be overdoing it and make your Spartan feel like a Super Smash Bros. style toy. Stances on your friends list and end of match are fine. And even the idle Spartans at the end of the match are a little creepy. Never seen anyone in any sport or competition celebrate like that before.