Spartan-II Conscripts Needed

Hello, this is Spartan Will-043 of UNSC Happy Company. I am currently conscripting members for a fireteam. You need not leave your current clan, as this fireteam is a separate entity from any other clans. The only rule is you cannot be apart of any covenant, insurrectionist, or other clan against the ideology of the UNSC. To apply, send a message to DerekUsr (my public account) with your information (name, clan history, extra info, skills, preferred weapons, etc). We are currently in need of a rifleman. I will pick three of the best of the people who applied, and put then through training. Only one of you will be conscripted. Good luck.

(If you need proof of my conscription message me @DerekUsr on Xbox asking, I’ll send you my papers on discord)

It’ me smoneys Epicbro I’ll send you want I sent John

My name is Lion I would like you to contact me on discord or my email. I have a offer for you as a former COG from Halo 4. Ty