Spartan/Game Ideas

Things I would like- Assignation weapons that can be earned in matchmaking or campaign by completing hard challenges.- Sprinting (however I would only like it in matchmaking if implemented correctly such as only being able to sprint with full shields that way if forces players to use sprinting more wisely.)- Duel Wielding- <strong>More Races</strong>- More emblems and armor for Spartans and other races- Better Spartan hub- Keep Spartan stances, they were a nice edition- Kill cams should only be seen in the last kill in the game for each team- Armor effects- Take out grenade indicators- It would cool to be able to jump on a hunter with low health and for a finishing move either keep punching him or stick a grenade to his back.- Rideable Moas (kind of silly, but why not. I mean there is a gun goose can you imagine Master Chief riding one of these. Seriously strap a grenade launcher to this thing and it will be a lean killing machine. )

Do you have any thoughts on Spartan abilities?

If any of you have played Destiny I think spartan abilities will function similar to that, where each player has a sliding ability or a thruster pack for evading grenades and incoming fire and possibly a small jet pack burst ability that lets you leap large obstacles by double pressing the jump button. I hope that 343 is still able to keep the game balance and keep innovating to make the next halo installment a new and fresh experience.

PS- I like how 343 tried new things in halo 4 and learned from their mistake I wish my best of luck and keep up the good work

Too lazy to repost. My solution for the assassination system: