Spartan Flops?

I just had an extremely stupid match of Spartan Ops, a game mode which I normally thoroughly enjoy. I was playing Rally Point on Two Giants, just cruisin’ in the hog and minding my own business when suddenly, one of the other mentally challenged players decided to nuke my hog with stickies.

Guessing he didn’t want me in the hog having fun as intended (literally no other weapons on map worth a damn), I moved as far away from the combat as possible and sat in the corner doing nothing the whole match but being the most inconvenient spawn hive ever, while I enjoyed a lunch of coke and coffee cake. I didn’t want to leave, because I’m not sure if that forfeits the x2 DewXP for that match.

End of the game comes, I made 11900 credits. For spending 4/5ths of the game crouched in a corner with my thumb up my proverbial rear.

Yeah, keep blowing up my hog. Bite me.
Also, great game friendly fire and fair credit rewards design, 343.

It’s free GOLD weekend. All of the trolls and griefers are on, so I’m just gonna wait until monday to play again.

You think that’s something? I have the game to beat all games.

Comes from the Catherine chapter.


I’m not half bad and during the initial drop-offs I did (far more than) my part. Then I got run over by a Ghost. While waiting for the next Phantom drop-off. And then when I respawned they did it again. (All three were part of it.) So I plasma bolted both Ghosts and blew them up. Then they ran me over with the Wraith. To this point the other three had maybe 30 kills total so I had literally done 60% of the work.

Then they proceeded to blow up my Mantis every time it spawned in. And shoot missiles up my tail pipe, which doesn’t kill you, but certainly will keep you from being able to see for a few seconds. And of course with no Mantis the random Banshee bombs killed me quite a bit. And all because of three A-holes. They spent 30 minutes doing this because they apparently think its fun and I wasn’t going to just quit out. Eventually one of them got blown up 6 times while trying to finish the level off while the other two continued to follow me around and shoot me.

How is this acceptable game design?

We had this problem in Reach’s Firefight mode, it’s not like they were unaware of the issue.

Friendly Fire’s on in Spartan Ops?

That is one hell of an oversight. Best advice I can offer is to avoid playing SpOps with randoms.

In fact, you may want to avoid playing any exclusively-cooperative experience with randoms. :\

> Friendly Fire’s on in Spartan Ops?
> That is one hell of an oversight. Best advice I can offer is to avoid playing SpOps with randoms.
> In fact, you may want to avoid playing any exclusively-cooperative experience with randoms. :\

Friendly Fire is off for players on foot, but your vehicle can be destroyed by teammates, and they can splatter you. Just the other day I was splattered, and proceeded to watch the enemy steal the rockets I had from my corpse.

This isn’t a new problem, the same issue arose in Firefight when FF was turned off. The answer can’t be to become a virtual shut-in, avoiding randoms on XBOX because the game is broken. They need to patch this.

I had the same thing. On the past weeks mission in Galileo Base, I had rockets and one of the other guys ran out of rocks so he grabbed a Ghost and ran me over while I was busy killing an Elite General. Then he refilled and left me with nothing. So I blew up every Ghost I could find. Then went back to the mission. It’s sad that my priority list on any SpOps mission has to be:

1.) ID power weapon locations.
2.) ID vehicle locations.
3.) Figure out whether I have to blow up the vehicles.
4.) Do the actual mission.

Betrayal booting should be present, betrayals should reduce your score, scoring should be based off medals and kills, not static participation.

This is simple stuff above that would help tons.

Gee, I wonder why 343i would not put betrayal booting in SOps in the first place? COD kids, thats why (not really). I hope they do fix this current issue. One time that I was playing online with my buddy next to me were playing, both of us died at the same time and were respawning at a player who was combating 2x hunters. Both of us respawned and, again. got killed. It was whoops on my part lol.

how come i cants pick a difficulty when searching for a gameand why reuse the maps i rather just watch the episodes and get firefight back

Sounds like Land grab. That mission was ridiculous. People focused more on betraying people and destroying other people’s vehicles than completing the mission. People raced to the vehicles at the beginning. If you weren’t in a vehicle soon, you were taking a trip to splatter city. They stuck your vehicles. They splattered you. They took Wraiths and blew you and your vehicle to smithereens.

It was fun but it just got annoying soon. I had a Ghost from the beginning of the level and I got 27 kills with it. Than, some fool in a Wraith rammed into me and cost me my Ghost and my no-death mission. Than my score got lower because I was so mad, the only one I focused on killing was my betrayer.

Okay guys my halo 4 keeps saying the servers are unavailable and it says im SR-1 on the friends list thing but when i press start it has my armor and says im SR-68 like normal. can anyone help? Because it says spartan ops and updated playlists are unavailable and i have already tried resetting game and wi-fi and changing time zone. Need help.

This new season, chapter 5. I go and try to get myself a wraith with my plasma pistol. The others either blow it up or steal it…-Yoinks!-