Spartan fined 3k for speaking out

Only counterpoint I can think of is that pro scary just donates a lot, and said nothing that made Sean follow through with this.
But I don’t think thats true, since Sean had earlier said in the previous season that he only bought his credits because a donor said that he wanted him to buy credits with his donations.

Good, im glad he got fined. A grown man poised as a “professional” shouldn’t be throwing a tantrum.

God help any child who looks up to these “pros”

His social media is pretty vile too; im shocked they don’t have him clean up his image

Isn’t the guy who was fined a man baby who went about it in an unprofessional way?

Pro players in all sports are fined for stuff like that all the time. when you are a pro you represent the sport/brand. You can speak out against things that are wrong but you have to be tactful.

And The way this guy went about it, was like a 12 year old cussing about lag and doing your mom. Not professional in any way.


I think he said something else then pro scary?

But yes, it was Sean W’s money at that moment, since it was given to him and then it’s his and he can do with it what he wants.

When else is something your money? All money you got from somewhere, since making it yourself is illegal.


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youre arguement falls apart or rather is a terrible analogy, when you take into the fact that Inflation isnt driven by buying a companies goods but due to outside factors, usually driven by Govarnment. when you buy groceries during inflation youre neither increasing nor decreasing the cost.

Whereas buying a private buissness’s goods you further encourage it to happen or stay because a companies sole reason is to make Money, when they make money they see no reason to lower prices or change approach, the sales data speaks for itself, this is Buissness and economics 101.
When a buissness is no longer making money because people are say Boycotting them and no longer buying their goods, they start dying and they WILL make changes and adapt to the market demands. or they go out of buissness.

Do try and pick up a economics and buissness class sometime if youre going argue with innaccurate takes like that hyper.

Madinogi no its not. It’s a completely accurate.

If you want to hate him fine. I don’t care. But please don’t spread false info.

And I find it extremely funny that all of you aren’t saying this to him directly, but behind his back. That’s cowardly.

Agreed. He was a sigma male for not sugar coating his criticisms with euphemisms.

Wait, Sean gets criticized for hating microtransactions?

Yes. They think him pushing out $200 to level himself up through the pass makes him a hypocrite.

He just showed everyone exactly what was wrong with progression. You can pay your way up to the top.

I thought he hated microtransactions?

Yeah same, but if you watch the video his point is supposed to be about people talking up about how he spends his money. But then the thing is he says in the video he was donated the money he used in the video, so its all very confusing.

He had almost 78k followers before he posted that video, now hes at 74.5k, pretty steep drop.

Him maxing the battle pass through monetiseation while making videos against such things is a bit weird, and its only week 2 of season 2 which goes for 6 months. Also, he cant be bothered playing the game to unlock the rewards normally over that time, so its like hes saying he’s not even going to play the game enough within those 6 months to unlock everything.

So whats the point of continuing to make videos about Halo Infinite. Or buying cosmetics for a game you wont be playing.

All very confusing.

He does.

20 characters.

He’s now been benched for the remainder of his contract.

Weird way of wording it when he starts with:

I’d like to make it clear that I have put myself here and it was no one else’s choice but my own.

He hasn’t been benched for the remainder of his contract, he is refusing to play.

He refers to it as benching himself numerous time through the article, and even in his tweet about it.

That is not the same as what you said. You said “he’s now been benched”, wich would mean someone else made that decision, but he made that decision himself (and benched yourself and refusing to play is bascily the same thing)

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Well… see how long that lasts then.

There’s no tourneys planned for the next few weeks. People change their minds when a monetary reward comes up.

“Madinogi no its not. It’s a completely accurate.”

AHAAHAAHAHA Ya OK! but hey if you wanna Deal in False Equivalances, Go right ahead, doesnt make em true or factual.

Also Some of us have said it to him, either we are ignored or Blocked. in my case i falled the Fraud out on twitter with litteral proof, and he Blocked me, and im also blocked from commenting on his videos because the man is so thin skinned and cant bare the thought of people no longer taking him as legit anymore. i do hope he dissapears into obscurity tho, less people like him fooling the community the better
(there was a word i was looking for but couldnt rememebr it.)

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  1. the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Given the fact the man has routinely Called out the store, all its problems calling it scuffed and bad, tells others not to spend money on it, Only to throw down money on it, DOES make him a Hypocrite Hyper, You may want to Try AGAIN. hes a Fraud.

We need more people like Spartan in the community who are Willing to be upfront and Frankly Blunt about the state the game is in, and Less people like Sean W who claim to oppose something all the while Supporting it.