Spartan fined 3k for speaking out

That’s not hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy is buying your way to the battle pass and harassing others for doing the same.

You can still object to the fact that people have to spend $7 for a helmet. Remember the Firefall helmet? He certainly spoke up about that I’m sure.

Also in regards to Mint Blitz, it seems that he quits matches as well. On the chance he doesn’t, it seems he works alone not letting teammates get any kills, or even giving others an assist.

And this doesn’t make sense either. Why would they not let him play HCS if he played early? Besides, he never played HCS for Halo 5 right?


Before this, I would always love to see Sean W’s videos. He is honest and productive… Even though I don’t quite like his style. But I don’t agree him with this video. There are always haters or people with different views. As a YouTuber, he doesn’t have to be toxic against these toxic messages and make a video for it. It seems like he is the overreacting one. After all, I will continue to follow his future videos. Hope he will find the balance and give us more valuable videos. He is a popular Youtuber. He knows his responsibility for the whole Halo community and he must be professional.

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His team fined him too I read. Good. Criticism is one thing, dudes out here being a damn man child.


He can…and he did to prove a point (with clear explanation and justification). If you’ve been following or watched many of his videos, he has been very objective and critical about the store over recent months…then he buys a skin for $6 and gets pelters for it with people claiming that he is “everything wrong with the game”.

I hate and despise everything about the whole MTX concept but those very same people that criticised Sean W should be laying in to every single person on here or Reddit that has purchased any cosmetic item…but they don’t, because he’s an easy target to flame at because he simply has a Halo YouTube channel.

If anything, Sean W is defending the rights of the people that do buy cosmetics items from the store (even if he doesn’t agree with some of the content and the pricing) because it’s his and their money to spend how they like…and as he rightly points out, if anyone is at fault here then that it is 343i for their crappy MTX system, their crappy store with their crappy cosmetics at ridiculous crappy prices.


Hes a complete sellout after that video. All of his opinions from here on out are practically invalid.

You gotta be mature and only swear when you should.

That much swearing is technically unacceptable and totally unwarranted.

I don’t mind his commentary as he seems have a pretty level take on things, but yeah, his gameplay is super sus. I watched a recent video of his in which he got multiple Killamanjaro medals in rapid succession in an LSS match. The feed couldn’t keep up with how many medals he was getting. It honestly seemed like complete aimbot. He missed a couple of headshots but I had to wonder if he did that on purpose.


They don’t get that he’s on their side. It’s not him turning on them. It’s them turning on him.

Yeah he either has a heap of people in a party with him, calling out the enemies, or just amazing luck to sense and know where to aim next.

The way he was moving in this match was really suspect.
It was BtB capture the flag on Fragmentation, he was on one of the big hexagonal pillars that come out of either side’s approach to the un lockable room. He was jumping and turning mid air and rapidly taking shots, each one landing a head shot.

Yes I was crouching in the bushes watching him do this like some weird stalker lol.
But every shot was a head shot/ kill. The kill feed was doing that thing he does in those videos.
Super human.

If you do a FFA against bots on Aquarias, and a bot encounters you and another bot, the way the move/ snap turn to decide who to fight best describes how he moves.

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You know, I don’t like Sean, but it’s pretty bad optics to call a disabled dude a joke. Maybe don’t.

Now on the topic of his content, yeah, since January it’s been crap.

I think after 6 months of 343 dodging questions, and NOT fixing the game, and doubling down on monetized content, Spartan was full well within his rights to let out a category 5 hurricane of unfiltered rage.

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I agree, especially and more so if you’re playing a game as a source of income/ as a job.
This isn’t 343i’s first shooter, it’s not their first Halo.
They’re onto number 3 now and somehow they released a patch/ update that causes everyone’s weapons to occasionally not fire.

The fact this is a known glitch and has not been patched in 2 weeks is quite frankly appalling.

His frustrations are justified and the words used, regardless do not take away from the fact this issues exists and continues to exist, and for a FPS game to have an issue with the core of what makes it an FPS game go on, without discussion or repair from the developer is a damn joke.

Good on him

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Can confirm, any match ive seen him in he has quit. Even if it was the last 5 seconds no joke. Not sure if getting a DNF stops theater footage, joining late does.

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Ya know Ken, for someone who seems to enjoy the game as much as you make out
You sure do spend a heap of time combing the forums just waiting to correct someone or add your, often pointless, opinion on a matter.

But ok,
Thanks for adding your opinion to this matter.
Very helpful.
Good job.

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Sean W is a Fraud full Stop, You cant tell me the guys is going to make a video complaining about store prices, the store being Scuffed and a Challenge system that presses you to spend money, only to turn around and Dump $200 worth in Credits to instantly max out the Battle pass, and still claim youre on the gamers side when youre actiosn directly encourage more of this Cash grabbing behaviour,
lets also not forget he maxed out the BP with credits TWICE because he did this back in Season 1 as well and i called him out for it, naturally like frauds do, they try to deny, hide the evidance by removing any comments exposing the truth and blocking/silancing the person who did it.

and then he went on to complain about spending $200+ on Content Complete games like Past Halos, or COD games, ect only to turn around and dump $200 on a Free to play games Second Season, when theirs more coming down the road.
To which i simply say to him,
Congratulations Sean, You Played Yourself.

Sean W deserves to be left in the dust and forgotten by this community in my honest opinion. frankly anyone who thinks Sean is genuinely on the side of Halo fans is deluding themselves and clearly support the fraudster, Afterall the age old addage,
“A Fool and his money are soon Parted”

Thats it i said my Piece. time to go Play Mabinogi and Division 2’s newest update, Ya know games actually worth my time and money.


ive legit noticed that Snappyness with Mint exspeccially with just how Pin point accurate he snaps onto and kills people with the Shock Rifle, without ever rarely missing, a Weapon notiorious for its difficulty.

im indifferent to his coverage since hes not overly positive but he does critique still but i DO NOT trust his skill level, his Snappyness onto targets is so unnattural and REEKS of a Aim Bot. quite a few instances too of him seemingly knowing exactly where and when the enemy is going to pop around corners only to hose them down in a instant.

theres a differance between genuine and nattural skill, and Fishy and unnaturral Movement and Awareness, combined with the Snapping onto targets and from distances youd think impossible.


Not surprised. Anything related to Halo these days is sucks. The games, the TV show, and now the eSports scene.

Sean W is a terrible creator so this also doesn’t surprise me. I was sick of him before Infinite even released.

Time to let Halo die and try to remember it as something good, not as what it is now

Thank you for your continued support.

It’s nice to have people who follow me so closely. I appreciate you.

Let’s not pretend this isnt just a pointless time waste for all of us. Don’t need to take it a personal route fella.

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