Spartan fined 3k for speaking out

Unsure why this hasn’t been posted before. E-united player Spartan was fined this week for tweeting out his grief in regards to the weapon jamming bug introduced in season 2.

We also have Sean W turning on his fan base creating a rift between those who support micro transactions and those who criticise people for spending their money as they want.


Presumably, Spartan was in breach of contract to some extent. Shady that there’d be something in the contract that specifies in what fashion he’s allowed to criticize the game, 100%, but if there is 343i is absolutely allowed to impose a fine. I can’t find the offending criticism anywhere but most seem to agree that it was “unprofessional” (even his defenders just go to the well of saying 343i doesn’t have a leg to stand on regarding professionalism). Even so, fining someone for calling out a well known and somewhat game breaking bug isn’t an awesome look.

As for the Sean W stuff, I’ve always appreciated how relatively even keeled he is towards things like monetization. There are going to be folks who continue to die on the hill of “I’m never spending any money on anything in the store ever”, and they’re welcome to that stance. Most people have a happy balance where they’d consider in game purchases as reasonable, though, and 343i will find the sweet spot on that eventually.


Spartan, not surprising.

Sean, is a joke and always has been. Creators like that are just there for the drama and not the actual community.


Yep this is concerning. People have a habit for blaming pro’s for the state of Halo these days but if there not allowed to talk about the state of Halo then kind of feels like certain pro’s opinions are being specifically picked so that the game can only gain positive feedback while other pro’s ignored to make the game look good.


I don’t get it, why people blame the pros?

I think it’s due to recent games becoming too competitive plus HCS is to blame for why we have no non-hcs playlists for those that prefer ranked with radar.


Did you read his Tweets? It wasn’t the criticism so much as how he expressed it, so warrants the fine due to their contract.


Need a players union

Also Sean is a bad YouTuber surprised people watch him.

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I don’t think a union really fits here. Pro players are in super privileged position. I’m sure there must be thousands of young players dreaming of being where they sit. Some things are best said to colleagues and not to an audience.


This industry is a joke and the garbage has gone too far.

I happened to see that Sean W clip. What a -Yoink!- Having a tantrum like a 2 year old! Grifter like all the others.


As has already been said, it’s not about criticism, it is about conduct. It’s fine for them to complain or badmouth the game but Spartan was just doing Spartan things and came in breach of the rules.

Plenty of the pros are pretty upfront about the games issues, they are just more tactful in their wording of it. Imagine you’re at a professional business and someone sends you an email without a required attachment.

Lucid emails back saying, “You forgot the attachment, please send it over. I can’t do my job without it,”

Spartan emails back saying “You yoinking yoink, yoink you. You suck. Where’s my attachment you yoinking little baby. How do you expect me to do my job without you doing yours you -Yoink!-.”

Saying the same thing, but ones considered acceptable by your boss and the other isn’t. HCS make the rules and enforce accordingly.


I wanna say Spartan is a Chad for speaking out against 343 but then again he plays in competitive ranked.

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Corporations will never understand that the overwhelming majority of video games are played by angry 5-40 year old guys who like to swear. No matter how many diversity hire actors they portray in their commercials we will always come out as the majority


I see absolutely nothing wrong with Sean Ws video or any of his previous content tbh. He’s a YouTuber that provides HIS opinion on the game, store, issues and gives credit where it’s due. Not only that but he generally provides a balanced viewpoint and isn’t afraid of roasting or praising 343i.

Comments like…

…are just salty BS (especially when it comes from someone who does nothing but blow smoke up 343i rear end no matter how bad the game is).

His latest video is clearly fuelled by frustration from the ridiculous and unjustified comments he received after spending $6 in the store…and he makes valid points about how he is entitled to spend his money how he likes in many walks of life and the state of the game (particularly the terrible challenge system which we basically all hate but have to comply with in order to complete the BP).

What makes anti-Sean W comments even more ridiculous is that a few days ago someone made a thread on here asking how much ppl have spent in store…and some have spent $400-1000 just to play the game, yet here we have a content creator who literally buys things as part of his job which is providing Halo content to the community. Madness.


To be more specific, he was fined for the manner in which his criticism was delivered according to Tashi.

Now for the Sean W part, I’d like to know from him what’s happening. There are people in his comments and mentions constantly going after him. Knowing how toxic this community can get, I think whoever he’s mad at fully deserves it.


Absolutely. I’d much rather watch and listen to the honest opinions of Sean W than the circle jerking 343i apologists like Mint Blintz, FootedGhost and HiddenXperia (in fairness to those three, they do also call out and highlight issues that need to be addressed occasionally).


I think in regards to Sean.
He can’t make videos denouncing the store and complaining that even on sale certain items are still way over priced and then on the other hand spend $200+ on random items and cosmetics to prove “he can” while turning on a large portion of his audience calling him hippo critical for essentially giving in to what he was objecting.

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I can’t stand Mint Blitz.
I’ve seen him play in game and the way he moves/ snaps to other targets is really questionable. It’s like when your playing against bots and they turn and snap between targets.

Also notice he will play ranked and get incredibly high onyx but his entire team he regularly plays with remain silver or early gold. It’s like their MMR gives him easy opponents or something.

I asked him once on one of his multi kill, big team, sniper camping videos. Why he doesn’t compete in the HCS. Given his apparent skill. And his reply was/ he can’t partake in professional halo because he was an early tester for the game and was part of the pilot program which forbids him from playing professionally.

Sounded kinda made up.


Giving into what? Sean W makes his money and should be able to spend it on whatever he pleases. It’s his audience’s misconception that critiquing store prices automatically means you can’t purchase anything from said store in fear of being a hypocrite.

What they don’t realize is that’s not hypocrisy. That’s not giving in.


I dunno if we watched the same video there.

But he gave into the people calling him out. By doubling down and buying his way through season 2’s
Content just to prove a point.

That he could.