Spartan facility infinite, on zeta?

So the mp facility that trains spartans in infinite.

Where is that?

We know pre infinite zeta had army and xenoarcheeology teams stationed.
But no word of marines.
Due to the the anchor planet’s proximity and it not being a gas giant.

Also the intro makes it seen like we trained there as new spartans not on zeta.

But lone wolves suggests we are actually survivors on zeta.

How do we have resources to build and hide a training facility and did we just recruit marines scattered on the ring?

As of campaigns “end” we had not made contact with the unsc or gotten any indication of supply lines to zeta halo.

It makes no sense, I am comfused.

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srgt johnson acadamy is not on zeta halo, so there is that, we only played on a tiny section of the ring, so there is also that.
infinite was designed to be a platform for multiple campaigns. if you have seen ubisoft’s ac infinite,… same concept,… it is merely a portal to the actual game. now we all know that the original plans are gone at this point. but i would think the overall goal is the same. i would hazard to predict that halo infinite in its entirety will be re released with tatanka and be accessible in the same way the separate halos are accessible on mcc. i don’t think every aspect is going to be remade in unreal 5 but a significate portion of the base ui is likely to be replaced.
as for campaigns it sucks that we were left on a cliffhanger, but they are not abandoning infinites campaign, think halo 2 to halo 3. bungie did not intend for halo 2 to end on a cliff hanger but give it time. we eventually did finish the fight. and joe statten is now head of the new campaign development. i can wait. it sucks that i have to … but i can


I know all that.
My question is how is it the same compound that housed the academy is seemingly now on zeta.

Or are the lone wolves and the banished AI not on zeta?

All this is essentially off topic

you got it my dude, separate from campaign entirely
zeta halo emergency jumped as soon as it was damaged, it along with the infinity are mia rn
the academy is a separate location and has little to nothing to do with the campaign

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if you are gonna question the future of the campaigns its useful to know the context of the current events and how i came to my conclusions. ur post is questioning aspects of how they will explain this from a stance of lore.
lore is not ready yet to explain everything, and the reason why is stated above… would you rather i say you r wrong and not say why or how?
what would you learn, nothing, thus the whole reason for responding would be pointless to begin with

I didn’t ask anything of the sort.

If I wanted to ask “why” I would have, and would have done so in the infinite forum.

I specifically came to the universe, lore section to ask a simple question and recieve a simple answer.

I’m not asking how it will be explained.
Im asking for the current explanation.

If there isnt one.
Then the answer I was looking for is;
“We don’t know yet.”

Had you said I was wrong.
Then you wouldn’t have been coherent.
So obviously I wouldn’t prefer that over the coherent alternative of “as yet unknown.”

Because you would essentially be saying: “your question and the 2 possible explanations are wrong”
Which would indeed make for a pointless response :rofl:

The development troubles/intentions of infinite are well documented.
They were not the question asked.
And you answering with a definitive

Is worst than learning nothing as instead it is plain misleading.
As it could be proven false at any time by virtue of being speculative.

Thanks for the answer, as round about as the delivery was, it did provide the an answer to the question.

lol im moving on… u have ur answers if u wish to see them… the answer for sgt j academy has been released since the game dropped lol…
the only speculation is whats going on behind closed doors…
go bother someone else if u are unhappy with the answer… but u wont get a better one

the answer for sgt j academy has been released since the game dropped lol…

Well no,
The Academy has been on a classified frontier world since launch.
A description that the noma arm’s planets fit. “lol…”

Asked a very basic question.
Deserving of a straightforward direct answer.
And thanked you for answering it.
Despite the unnecessary meander taken to get their.

The truth as you stated is you dont know where or when lone wolves is based, because it has not been answered.

The acadamy discrepancy on Zeta specifically is as easy to explain as the phrase, war games. Particularly when the bulk of season 2’s narrative is based in WG vs Iratus.

If you are going to get uppity for going off topic and turning a basic lore question thread into yet another 343i development discussion simply stay on topic.
Assuming I lacked insight into the off topic information you provided was baseless and clearly exceeded the scope set this thread in my OP asking:

the only speculation is whats going on behind closed doors

To which you clearly responded by speculating

When that remains to be seen.

It is as likely that its on a planet in the noma arm that collided with parts of zeta and is linked directly to campaign for all we know yet.

For those interested.

The academy is still up for question. Could be in the na arm.of the galaxy and close to where zeta was. Although it would be colder than it looked in cutscenes one should think.
Possible its close to where the ring is now Although that would make even less sense with the narratives we have ongoing.

But the answer of where lones wolves are stationed is thenplanet Camber.
Pretty cool throwback but makes the universe narrative all the more confusing.

How have the banished seemingly conquered the universe in 6 month? Seems strange considering their introduction and appearances in the novels.