Spartan/Elite Weapon,Armour & Emblem Customisation-What do YOU want to see?

With Halo 4 announced,many people are wondering diffirent things,the main things I’ve seen pop up are Armour Abilites and Bloom. Personally I think one of the greatest assets of Halo is being ignored by the majority on this. That is Armour and Emblem customisation.

I felt that Reach had done a brilliant job on our Spartan/Elite Customisation. It was very well put together,but I think it can be perfected still. Here is me forwarding my own opinions of how armour and emblems can be customised.

Colour Palette
I think the colour palette needs to be updated with fresher,newer colours. I haven’t seen Black since Halo:CE and I would honestly like to see it return,the other colours are also quite dull because we can’t go off the track. Perhaps create a colour wheel so you can customise how deep it’s hue/shade is for the specific colour.

Also,for colouring our Spartan/Elite,perhaps we can paint individual sections of our armour diffirent colours,and see them blend in with each other from the colour wheel hue/shade option like the Elite’s armour does in Reach.

Helmet-Example Colour-Example Hue/Shade
Left/Right Shoulder-""


Model Weapon Customisation
I think alot of people would like to see the ability to change our held model weapons. This has been a subject of debate since Halo 3 days. I would also like to see the ability to switch our model’s weapons from the default to something like a sniper rifle,a shotgun,or even an energy sword. Perhaps be given an option to have them holstered on our model’s back or on their legs.

Thats pretty much all I have to say about that really.

Emblem Customisation
I would love to see an enhancement to our emblem customisation. Give them the same colour customs as the Armour has and introduce a new thing called ‘Phasing’. Sort of like adding layers (like in Black Ops) but instead of them being place on top of eachother,give them the ability to phase through each other

Thats pretty much all I have to say about customisation. What are your ideas?

sounds good but… elites dont have much customisation in reach.