spartan customization

i don’t know why but i think that the customization for halo 2/2anniversary/3/4 is not enough good i don’t understand why all the others halo don’t have the same customization than halo ce and reach… and the reach customization for halo 2 anniversary/3/4 would be great.

but i think you did a great job with this game thanks fir all you did.

343 is aware of this, when MCC was first released you could only choose from premade armour sets. Like the ones you see in H2A or Halo 3. When Reach was added they brought back full customisation for Reach armour, and when Halo CE came to PC they updated the customisation for that too. So logically they will update each Halo’s customisation as it is released for PC, I think this was also discussed by 343 but I am not sure.

I could see customization being up to par with Reach for the other games. As to if they’ll be in the game when they release, that’s something we’ll have to wait and see.

honestly I would like if we had some basic armor customization like halo 3 did for the other games would be nice. Like being able to change the shoulders, helmet, and chest would be cool. I would like some eod helmet with recon chest for Halo 4.