Spartan core suggestion: Kig-Yar core

idea comes from the post above and the fact I have posted it a few times, but the more I see jackals like this the more I realize with out their shield they are about the same size as a UNSC marine, when standing up. They are already spartan mobile all the augments would do is make them slightly taller.

So here is my suggestion.

KIG-YAR core

limit: can not be used in comp.

lore: I don’t know what the brass where thinking taking a group of kig-yar mercs into the spartan program but after the created we are willing for any help we can get. And well even Innies have joined as of late. These guys are new greener then any other spartan and seem to be wanting to prove them selves in what they call “the humans hunt.” So lets see if they can really do as well as the brass thinks.

Gameplay differences: while crouched they hunker down a bit more being slightly lower then a normal spartan, this can be both a pro and a con. they can also jump slightly higher (why they are not allowed in Comp.) they also can’t throw grenades as far lacking a propper throw reflex.

features added with this.


Kig-yar guantlet,
while active a spartan can only use one handed weapons but they can a ballistic immune frontal shield that has only one weak point and that is the slots for the gun. an over charged plasma pistol will destroy the gauntlet.

gameplay: when picked up has a charge of 100, it can directly take that much HP from plasma or electric weapons, hard light passes through it, and ballistic bounces off.

Target assistance system,
Used by jackal snipers this system is what allows their scopes to work flawlessly with their eyes telescoping vision. when modified for spartan use it allows for precision fire with almost anything for a short period of time.

gameplay: is aim assist like heavy aim assist, heavily increases bullet magnism be it on mouse or controller allowing for you to spray and prey and hit your target. though it only lasts for 10 seconds.