spartan company

hi i am Lilly and i just started playing halo 5 and mcc, i am looking for an active spartan company, i have a 5.0+ kda, i have a win percentage of 70.1% and im currently rated diamond 5 in swat and diamond 2 in doubles, a lot of people say im a smurf but im not just a competitive player.

We have an active spartan company. We are beginning this journy and we are imoroving ourselfs. The highest rank in swat that we have is Diamond 2 and in dobles we are at gold level. I will send you the invitation to see if u want to join us :slight_smile:

Hey saw your post I have a small spartan company looking for new members if you like to join all are welcome . Just click on my gamer tag to view my spartan company .