spartan company

and great at area im a skilled player looking for a company to join as i cant find any willing to let me join, im always on and rather good at halo as i have played it for over 10 years
so if i can join yours send send a message about your company and my place

im lvl 98 and great at area

Hey there, check out Nubbstompers. We’ve got a solid group of active members that use mics for chatting and call outs. Which helps make it less frustrating and actually fun (what a concept I know lol). Our Xbox club and Discord chat are a handy resource to help you find other members to party up with. Which is great for building BTB/WZ/Arena teams up.If you’d like to join or have any questions, let me know or go to the company page (Nubbstompers) to sign up.

I just created the UNSC MYRMIDONS. For the moment we have 2 members but like we say, Rome wasnt built in one day. We are not perfect and in this alliance were here to have fun. No one needs to prove their the best or perfect for everyone is welcome and winners. It doesnt matter if your a gifted player or have trouble playing. Were here to have FUN :blush:.