Spartan Company

I have an issue with the Spartan Company system. I’ve found another group that is using the same name and emblems as my current SC. I have copy rights and a legal trademark for my gaming community called Grunt Work Gaming. I would like to speak with someone regarding this issue and for it to be resolve ASAP. I can also produce the necessary documents if a confirmation is mandated. Thank you guys so much, and I hope to hear back from someone relatively soon on regards to this issue.

Grunt Work Gaming

Noodles GwG

Hey Noodles, can you point me to the company you are referring to?

My Spartan company is Grunt Work Gaming with spacing. The one that I am having an issue with is GruntWorkGaming with no spaces. This is causing a major issue with recruitment and just my trademark in general.

To push this issue and make sure this doesn’t happen again, do I need to utilize a " cease and desist " notarized letter of infraction? I haven’t personally messaged this company, due to a possible confrontation regarding the issue and do not want to be reported for anything being said to these 4 main admins on this site. I figured that this is the best route to take in speaking with a 343 rep, ie. technical support assiciate.

Erm, okay.

Since you’re getting into legal land and throwing out things like copyright and all that jazz, that’s way out of our wheelhouse and ability to help.

If you want to talk to an attorney to deal with that, that’s your decision but we can’t help you with inter-clan squabbles.