Spartan Company Wars

Hey guys, I’ve been thinking a lot about Spartan Companies in Halo 5 lately, and I have a little idea on a way that 343 could make them useful, or relevant in Halo again. When Spartan Companies were introduced it immediately took me back to Clans in Halo 2. However I had the feeling that since they were introduced so close to release I feared that we would get what we did end up getting, which is something that is useless and irrelevant and akin to the Platoons feature in Battlefield. I just want something that can possibly bring the Spartan Companies to the forefront of the game, and I am pretty sure this cant be accomplished in Halo 5, but can perhaps be looked at for Halo 6.

Now, the first thing that entered my mind was the specific Clan playlists that were in Halo 2. While that would be doable in todays game, I don’t think it would be all that successful. But then I thought about my time playing Madden 2005 back in the day, and that game had a little online tournament system. I remember playing that a lot, and I think it could be pulled off in Halo as well.

First off, Spartan Company Battles would have its own playlist. It would be normal 4v4, and the only way to enter the playlist is if you have a Fireteam consisting of your Spartan Company Members. Then the game would match you up with 3 different groups of Spartan Companies, and essentially you would have a mini 4 team tournament. Im only thinking about Team Slayer at this point, and only 4 teams so that it wouldn’t be that long of a commitment for everyone involved. Of course the 2 winning teams would face off in the next match with the Victor getting a “Tournament Win” for their Spartan Company. There could also be an underlying scoring system, similar to an XP system where competing in a tournament gets your company 1 point. Winning in the first round gets you 2 points, and the Champion gets 5 points, or something like that. You could also run Seasons like what is being done now, and have points reset at the end of a season.

When I look at the way the world was, and the way gaming was back in 2004 compared to today, part of me says this could work, but then another part of me says that it cant work. The reasons that it can work are simply that there are so many more gamers today than there was back in 04. But the reason that it might not work is that the Video Game market is just so crowded today, and people are so ready to just pick up and move on to the next game that is gonna come out in a week.

So there is my little thought that ive been thinking about the past couple of days. I just figured I would throw it out there to see what the community thinks about it. I think it would be a good way to add a competitive feature to the game for those of us that love to play and compete, but arent MLG Pros, or don’t want to deal with the hassle of using a different website to find and set up matches.