Spartan Company Trust my Mentality

Hello I am the company lead for Breaking Rank
We were originally apart of Trust my Mentality, but has since broken off and actually made our own company.
The leader has since been harassing us about “not warning him about our resignation” and “Taking members from him”. when in actuality we gave them the option to join us or to remain apart of Trust my Mentality.
The problem I’m having is that Trust My Squad has been copying our colors (even though i understand there is no set color it is still disrespectful) and being disrespectful to me and to my company members. What can i do about this and get this to stop happening?
Kill3r5689 is my username on here and my gamertag.

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first i would talk to the person you have a prob with and try sy settle something or find out the exactly the prob is you are complaning about, and if that ddsent work i would try to message a company monitor on halowaypoint and state your issue with them and ask them what you should do or what they can do to help, and if that dosent work i would take it up with 343 directly, and prob the last thing i would do is make a post on the forums because that dosent really do anything :/, i hope this help!.

Hey OP. Generally we don’t get involved with Spartan Companies unless they are breaking any of the forum rules. Companies were set up in a way that they have their own leaders who manage their members and forums. Best advice is to just ignore any messages you receive, you can also block users from sending you messages if you wish.

If the messages are here on Waypoint and contain anything that would break the rules, please do report the user(s). You can link to a screenshot of the message in your report for us to look at. If any of the messages are via Xbox Live, you can report them there for the enforcement team to look over.