Spartan Company Shotgun Runners Recruiting

Warzone, BTB and Ranked Arena games. For our competitive members there’s always Breakout happening during game times. Nightly week day games, Random Weekend gatherings. There’s something for every level of player.Its more about playing with good people and not a bunch of random tea-baggers.Fun semi-competitive Spartan Company that plays nightly. Warzone, Arena and Breakout are the main games, with others mixed in. Organized nightly games and also Custom games.

  • Must have a mic; No Kinect microphone
  • Preferred higher than 1.0 k/d for Arena ranked games, but not required.
  • No changing your Service Tag or Emblem required - That’s all on you…
  • Inactivity, inappropriate behavior or mid-game quitting are offenses that will earn you a trip out of the SGR’s.
  • Adults and/or sociable people only. Kids are welcome as long as you’re not breaking rules or become annoying. Leadership has final say.
  • Communication skills, ability to learn new maps and call out targets/objectives is a must.- if you don’t like talking, we will make you.
  • Language : English.Game times (all times EST):
    Week nights 9 pm or so to 1 am.
    Weekends: Variable game times - Use Forums or XBL messages (preferred) to organize games. Check Company forum and social sites (pending) for news and updates.
    Custom pop up games - Any time
    To join, you must prove your worth within the depths of the Halo H3LL and perform feats of unimaginable difficultly! - otherwise known as: sending us a request to join!

Background of the SRG’s: The company has been around since Halo 2, back then the clan was still called the Shotgun Runners. Under the SGR banner, the Company boasted a large following until the late stages of Halo 3; where most players left for more competitive groups, MLG aspirations or just plan life. Since the return of clans (Spartan Companies) in Halo 5, only 4 legacy members remain, and age has caught up with them (and our arthritic trigger fingers…j/k). Looking to regain the glory of the past, our doors are open to new members. You will never be booted from our company unless you break a rule. We boast fun games and good times for all members, LIEUTENANT grades are assigned to those looking for more competitive gameplay. Contact us via XBL messages, Spartan Company request or team up for a few games on H5 to give us a try.

**** Also, with all of the Armor talk going around, please note we are well on our way to getting there. With your help, im sure we can get it done. If you want to get that armor, we play nightly. its a perfect opportunity to achieve your goals and ours. We are over 2500 games played, and have already completed one commendation Level (flag captures in breakout). Questions, please contact me through any channel - Azguz24.

See you on the digital battlefield, Spartan.