Spartan Company req packs

I have started up a spartan company and achieved four players only to soon find out afterwards that a promotional req pack is sent to all members upon reaching this goal, however the promotional pack has not arrived. Is this an outdated promotion or will it take a week like the timmy helmet? Any help is appreciated!
Note: This is the company here: The Division of Dank

What goal are you referring to? You get req packs for finishing each of the kill commendations. You have to finish all the level 3’s to get the Achilles armor. Finish all the kill commendations for the helmet.

If you have already been part of a company and received a REQ pack, you won’t be able to get a second

I know I can’t, and I know it takes time…
Also someone left it oh well, I need new members regardless…
Thanks for the help anyway!