spartan company recruitment! Lets get this armour

So you want to join leng squad!
Then buckle up Roadman, you are one lucky boy!
This clan is 55 tonnes of badman
You will need to commit your family and life to the leng
We are talking Busting nuts 24/7!
Warzone! Arena! Custom Games! The leng have it all!
However to join Leng squad there are a few ‘minor’ requirements;

  1. Have a girlfriend? DUMP HER as she will get in your way of busting one from the leng.
  2. Have friends and family? YOU DONT NEED THEM because they will also get in the way!
  3. Have less than 3 years of Roadman experience? DENIED! You must of been busting from the leng as soon as you was fresh out of your mothers womb to get in this clan!
  4. Eat breath and live The leng? Then you need to start doing it! Leng is life boy! Buckle up your one lucky spartan.

Honestly were just looking for active players, who want to get this new armour so send a request and we’ll be sure to accept