Spartan Company Playlist

I’ve been thinking, would it be possible to have a Spartan Company Playlist implemented in the online roster, Competitive & Social? It will be great to see a 6v6 or 8v8 playlist to rank up a Spartan Company. I honestly think this will give people the incentive to join more clans and have something solid in place to mach clan vs clan within the game.

I truly think this is a fantastic idea! You could easily setup matches to be live streamed on twitch or mixer like they do with “Hype Zone” on Player Unkown on mixer! This will draw in a huge crowd of people to watch online competitive gameplay and bring fame to each clan! This will be a huge game changer for the future or Halo, especially the New Halo Infinate

Let me know what you think guy’s


This is a very cool idea, I like the idea of ranking up your company. I just don’t know if the population could support it.