Spartan Company PaMe Gaming is Recruiting

  • What is our company about?First of all our Spartan Company is focused on getting better at Halo 5.
    The best way to provide this in our opinion is to play together and communicate.
    Another goal that our company has is achieving the Achiles Armor.
    All this goals might be good but we shouldnt forget the real reason why we are all playing this game…of course its the fun.

We want to reach all this goals and have a lot of fun and a great time while doing it.

  1. Who can join our company?Everyone who is between 16 and 20 years old can join our company. But you have to be a calm player that stays calm in situations where you might feel angry, simply because we dont want to have players that are raging in the party chat all the time.
    Attention!! If you are not from germany then please dont expect us to be very communicative in parties even if we arent the worst english speaking people in the world but we are sometimes kinda shy when speaking to english people online. So we kinda prefer german players because there is no time zone difference or language boundry. But all of you that are as mentioned above are welcome.

  2. What do you need to join our company?
    There is not much that you need to join our company because we arent the best in the game so there is no must have KD or things like that. The only things you’ll need are a headset to communicate with us, fun while playing and you must be willing to take defeats and learn from your mistakes.

4. How can you join?
You can join our company by sending us a request to join,
or simply sending a message about yourself and why you want to be in our company to Vecrom. After that we will contact you and inform you about everything else you need to know.