Spartan Company looking for any kind of member!

Welcome to Global Letdown!
To start off, our name is more of a joke. Just something fun to say, and to give players a good laugh before getting a thorough beating :slight_smile:

Our goal with this Spartan Company is to provide a team of players who want to play together, whether it’s Arena or Warzone. We are open to both competitive players and social players, and you can denote yourself as either, just by letting us know. We hope you’ll join us. All you have to do is message us with the following Application:

Social or Competitive:
Favorite Matchmaking (Arena or Warzone):

We are literally open for everyone to join! This is something to give all people a chance to be in a spartan company and have fun!

Bump. We have 2 other members who have not joined the company through waypoint yet.