Spartan Company 000

Spartan Company Motto:

"Be strong enough to stand alone, be yourself enough to stand apart, but be wise enough to stand together when the time comes."
We’re a company looking to be known, but do not wish to have fame. We aim to make points on the battlefield and for those points to leave everlasting scars on our enemies. We’re quiet and mysterious to those who are outside our group. We operate solely for ourselves. We’ll take in anyone willing to live that creed.

Things you’ll need to join.

  • Positive KD (doesn’t matter how high/low, just positive) - Able to follow CTC (more on that below) - Come in with a friendly attitude towards the company, willing to join anyone. - Be able to speak your mind about ways to make this group bigger and better.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    What is CTC?

CTC stands for Communication Teamwork and Cooperation. Following all three makes for being a great teammate. You must use good communication out there in the battlefield and cooperate with those on your team. Without both of those, Teamwork itself is impossible. Live it, learn it, love it, because that’ll be used every time your in a team with us.

If you’re able to understand and can meet everything required above. You’ve found your place, Spartan.

Welcome, to Spartan Company 000