Spartan Companies 2.0

Spartan Companies are a new and very cool new feature for Halo introduced in Halo 5 to unite groups of players under one banner and add new paint to multiplayer. With Spartan Company commendations, bios, custom emblems, and the Achilles armor, they came with a few new features good or bad depending on your standing.
But there’s obviously room to grow this new feature. Maybe in Halo Infinite, add the ability to customize your SC in-game, add special exclusive rewards for SCs like Company Commendation-based coatings and emblems/nameplates, make it more pronounced in Infinite’s actual game. Make it feel like you’re part of an actual team. As far as Spartan Company specific rewards for in-game achievements, change the requirements based on how many players are in the Spartan Company. Less players means less difficult acquisition by numbers comparison, like making Achilles doable in a six-man Company but still difficult enough for it to be a challenge. Maybe add SC coatings customize-able on waypoint much like our current SC emblems. Maybe have increased xp gain when you play with someone in your SC. There’s alot of cool things we could do with Spartan Companies by making them more pronounced and defined in gameplay, like a proper clan.

What are your thoughts? Should Spartan Companies be a biggeer thing? Have any ideas for what could be changed or added?

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Costumize and create Spartan Company INGame

I just posted in the Infinite forum regarding whether or not there will even be Company’s for infinite and if so whether we will be able to retain our name and members moving into the new game. I asked because it’s a topic I have yet to see addressed at all among the 343 dev updates. I know a lot of people within my Company as well as others from various Company based Discords who are hoping for at least a similar company based experience to be implemented for Infinite at the very least. Agree it would be awesome to have an improved experience however that may play out, however I haven’t come across anything relating Spartan Companies and Halo: Infinite within the same sentence. Fingers crossed and here’s to hoping for Companies to be able to retain their name and members across into Infinite. Seeing as Companies appear to be mostly based within the Waypoint API, I feel like it should be a no-brainer to allow this, yet I’m remaining cautiously optimistic.

I hope they expand on Spartan companies for Infinite or at least maybe just make a new form of spartan companies. I always like the idea where you can have a set group with your friends that you can get bonuses in game with, literally for just playing with your friends.

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I love how in Rocket League if you play as your “Spartan Company” type team you get team colours and your team name shows as this team wins.

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