Spartan colour

Why can’t we choose to be permanently red or blue? I am sure there is enough people playing that it won’t affect match making too bad. Some ideas also

  1. Choose a colour, you always play as that.
  2. If your choice is heavily weighted (for some reason most people choose red) it tells you this and gives you the option again to choose blue.
  3. There is an additional choice of “not bothered” and you will continue to be assigned a random colour the start of a match.

Just that some times it takes a while to remember your current colour (or at least for me)

Hold this L


I’d LOVE to choose a Team and play permanently or mostly there. :smiley:

No. People have other favorite colors too!

This would create an imbalance if more spartans choose one color over the other.

We can’t have EVERYBODY on blue team, just because it’s the better of the two…

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> We can’t have EVERYBODY on blue team, just because it’s the better of the two…

Those dirty blues couldn’t beat the reds otherwise.

> 2533274976607648;6:
> We can’t have EVERYBODY on blue team, just because it’s the better of the two…

Yeah, well, SUCK IT, BLUE!

I have wondered how this might be possible if they handled it on the backend of things - where your teammate could actually choose/be the color opposite what you chose, but you saw it as as the same color. We all have our user interface preferences.

Seems like this would be possible from a coding perspective - perhaps too messy/difficult to manage though? But If they were able to implement it this way, it would avoid the problem of the population favoring one color and thus limiting the match making possibilities… as others have mentioned here.

Haha, the amount of times i’ll be in the middle of a game and then have ‘what team am i on’ go through my head. I feel like such an idiot as i check the hands and go ‘oh right’.

I do this, but my friend is terrible. I always hear him down the headset “oh damn we’re red” as he either stands next to a blue and gets done, or rockets a fellow red.

I don’t think there would be an issue choosing a colour, I would certainly like to try a beta on it for a while to see if it’s viable.

Definitely a great idea :slight_smile: Although not sure how they can get this right… Maybe colors are assigned to get the balance right… But then again what if 80% of blue team where playing and only 10% of red team… Guys would wait for days however if it where auto assignwhen looking for games there would not be a problem… Seems to much like a headache for 343i think about it… They struggling with more simple things… lol

How about just get rid off team colors? Then you can actually choose what color your spartan is.

Because it is not the way matchmaking works ?

Also, There has been scientific research done in the field of Team colors being associated with victory. It turns out that at the majority of the time (very small difference) Red team turns out to be victorious.

If you want go check out “game theory” on YT

Just had a look at that. It’s mad. Especially the martial arts fighters that had their colour changed.

I wonder if 343 can give an overview on how many reds have won compared to Blue.