Spartan Chatter

Ok I get the reason why they talk in game… But it sounds like they are right next to me yelling. Shouldn’t these call outs be made through the spartan helmet and sound a bit more muffled because of the helmet just my 2 cents any thoughts I have been playing the beta all weekend.

The callouts are great but the random “good shot bro” “watch the 'nade spam” needs to go. It useless and pollutes the audio.

I think it would sound better and legit if it was a radio transmission coming in through the helmet.

I’m loving it the way it is.

I actually really like it. It reminds me of campaign.

I really like the callouts definitely helps make up for a team with no one talking, it doesn’t bother me how they sound but It would make more sense if they sounded like they were talking over their comms.

I like it. It’s natural for a soldier to communicate with his/her team.

I hate that Spartan chatter, Spartan Ops feel, Blerch! Blarg! Just keep the announcer.

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> I like it. It’s natural for a soldier to communicate with his/her team.

His/her team is natural, not NPC. Doesn’t even sound like Halo.

Just out of curiosity, if I’m using a female spartan, would there be a female voice calling things out?

Yes she will have female voice hehe.
I wouldn’t like if it was something like radio communication because this way you know which spartan said it.

Do the voices not de-activate when you have headset on? I swear i saw gameplay earlier on with out any spartan chatter at all.